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I Love Rock and Roll.

An LED hula hoop act to the iconic Joan Jett rock anthem, Storm brings rockstar attitude and wild hula hoop skills.

The Greatest Show.


Taking inspiration from the hit blockbuster, Storm fully runs away with the circus captivating the audience with a stunning LED hula hoop show.

Ruby Cube.

A super silly 80's act, rocking the Rubik Cube! Watch Storm baffle an audience as they mix it up, and she solves it, all while revealing a little more each layer!

No Lie.

Using the pop classic, Storm pumps up any event with this super high energy routine - watching it in UV light is even more mind blowing!


Need something a little different? Storm can easily provide! Whether it be a wedding or a corporate event, the perfect act can be created with only your event in mind. Just get in contact!


Need something more for your club night? Storm can provide freestyle dance or hula hoop sets to really get the party started!


Wanna learn some new tricks? Storm also teaches privates and workshops - get in touch to get hooping!

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